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Oklahoma State University

Regents Professor


The position of Regents Professor is the most prestigious position that may be attained in recognition of scholarly accomplishments by faculty on the campus of Oklahoma State University. The position recognizes the few select faculty who have made unique contributions in several areas including research, artistic performance, creativity, teaching, and extension, to note only a few. The Regents Professor must demonstrate a distinguished record of nationally recognized excellence and scholarship in his/her discipline.

This website provides information on some of the activities of the Regents Professors Group at OSU such as research seminars and Research Week activities. Finally, a Regents Professor is chosen to give the address at the Graduate College Commencement each semester.  The activities are managed by an Executive Committee elected by the Regents Professors each year.

Regents Professor Speakers Bureau

The Speakers Bureau consists of Regents Professors who will visit schools and clubs in the Stillwater-Perkins area. Members can speak on a wide range of topics across the arts, humanities, and the sciences. For example, one of our members puts on a “psychology as science” show. This show contains information on scientific method, experimental design and the use of animals to demonstrate psychological principles. For additional information on the Regents Professor Speakers Bureau, please contact Charles Abramson (

Adopt-a-Regents Professor Program

The Adopt-a-Regents Professor Program is a mentor program that allows students to spend time “shadowing” a Regents Professor. In this way, students at various levels of the education system can learn what a professor in the arts, humanities, and sciences actually do. Features of this program including visiting laboratories and interacting with graduate students. This program is especially useful for parents who home school their children. A second feature of this program, specifically related to Oklahoma State University students, is to encourage our students to seek out Regents Professors as mentors. For additional information on the Adopt-a-Regents Professor Program, please contact Charles Abramson (

Information on all these activities is available through this website. We are thankful to Academic Affairs for updating and maintaining this website.