Oklahoma State University



Regents Professors (Current)

Name Department Title Effective  
Abramson, Charles Psychology 7/1/07  
Agarwal, Girish Physics 7/1/06
Ahmad, Ibrahim Statistics 7/1/10
Atekwana, Estella Geology 7/1/11
Babu, Kaladi Physics 7/1/12
Baron, Robert Entrepreneurship 7/1/13
Berlin, K. Darrell Chemistry 9/1/71
Betts, Nancy Nutritional Sciences 7/1/13
Blum, Frank Chemistry 7/1/11
Brorsen, Wade Agricultural Economics 7/1/96
Brown, Glenn Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering 7/1/11
Caneday, Lowell Applied Health and Educational Psychology 7/1/11
Carver, Brett Plant and Soil Sciences 7/1/02
Chaney, John Psychology 7/1/13
Cole, Janet Horticulture and Landscape Architecture 7/1/10
Confer, Anthony Veterinary Pathobiology 7/1/03
Doeksen, Gerald Agricultural Economics 9/1/86
Doye, Damona Agricultural Economics 7/1/04
Dunlap, Riley Sociology 7/1/07
El Rassi, Ziad Chemistry 7/1/13
Engle, David Plant and Soil Sciences 7/1/03
Epplin, Francis Agricultural Economics 7/1/14
Fletcher, Jacqueline Entomology and Plant Pathology 7/1/08
Fuhlendorf, Samuel Natural Resource Ecology and Management  
Fulton, Robert W. Veterinary Pathobiology 7/1/10
Fuqua, Dale Educational Studies 7/1/01
Gethner, Perry Foreign Language 7/1/11
Ghajar, Afshin Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 7/1/00
Grischkowsky, Daniel Electrical and Computer Engineering 7/1/01
Henneberry, Shida Agricultural Economics 7/1/11
Hubbs-Tait, Laura Human Development and Family Science 7/1/10
Huston, James History 7/1/05
Jacobson, Bert Applied Health & Educational Psychology 7/1/14
Jaco, William Mathematics 7/1/08
Jones, Edward English 7/1/14
Kak, Subhash Electrical and Computer Engineering 7/1/10
Kenkel, Phil Agricultural Economics 7/1/13
Kocan, Katherine Veterinary Pathobiology 7/1/00
Krehbiel, Clinton Animal Science 7/1/13
Little, Susan Veterinary Pathobiology 7/1/11
Liu, Lin Physiological Sciences 7/1/09
Lucca, Don Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 7/1/05
Lusk, Jayson Agricultural Economics 7/1/13
Matts, Robert Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 7/1/11
McKeever, Stephen Physics 7/1/91
McMurry, Scott Integrative Biology 7/1/14
Meinke, David W. Botany 7/1/98
Melcher, Ulrich Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 7/1/08
Mintmire, John Physics 7/1/09
Montgomery, Diane Applied Health and Educational Psychology 7/1/09
Mort, Andrew Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 7/1/96
Mullins, Larry Psychology 7/1/14
Murray, Don S. Plant and Soil Sciences 7/1/98
Nandi, Satya Physics 7/1/05
Palmer, Michael Botany 7/1/08
Pope, Carey Physiological Sciences 7/1/07
Preston, Dennis Linguistic Sciences 7/1/09
Qu, Hailin Hotel and Restaurant Administration 7/1/06
Raff, Lionel Chemistry 9/1/78
Ramakumar, Ramachandra Electrical and Computer Engineering 7/1/08
Raun, William Plant and Soil Sciences 7/1/04
Rickman, Dan Economics and Legal Studies 7/1/07
Sharda, Ramesh Management Science and Information Systems 7/1/97
Smith, Loren Integrative Biology 7/1/10
Smith, Michael W. Horticulture and Landscape Architecture 7/1/99
Spitler, Jeffrey Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 7/1/08
Stoecker, Barbara Nutritional Sciences 7/1/02
Van Den Bussche, Ronald Integrative Biology 7/1/09
Wilson, Stephan M. Human Sciences 7/1/11
Wu, Jiahong Mathematics 7/1/11
Yen, Gary Electrical & Computer Engineering 7/1/14
Zhang, Hailin Plant and Soil Sciences 7/1/11